My name is Jenna and 8-year-old me is grossed out by the fact that I actually have a blog about eating vegetables. The biggest plot twist of my life came a little more than one year ago when I decided to cut meat out of my diet. Since then, I’ve learned to love veggies in all their forms, not run scared when I hear the word “tofu” and to be honest, I’m still learning every single day. As a college girl with an almost always empty wallet, it’s important to me to be able to maintain this lifestyle well enough to keep me healthy without totally breaking the bank — or dirtying too many dishes. I’m still constantly finding better ways to do things and discovering new perks and downsides to my pescatarian diet (Note: I do not eat meat, but I choose to still eat fish).

I invite you all into my kitchen to learn with me, eat with me and discover all the wonderful benefits of going greens!


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